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NEW from Gabriel Design Theatricals! From the acclaimed Dreamworks film, to the Broadway musical, you too can bring the magic of Shrek the Musical to your theater with the help of Gabriel Design Theatricals. Casting has never been easier! 


We've revised Dragon to be more streamlined, easier to operate, and easier to store! Now even small theaters can enjoy having Dragon as a member of the cast. An impressive puppet operated by just 3 puppeteers, Shrek’s Dragon is 15-foot long

with articulated wings and mouth, and lighted eyes. Though mechanically complex,

we have kept Dragon light-weight, highly portable and affordable, to allow for easy

use in any theater.

GDT Dragon from Shrek the Musical
GDT Dragon from Shrek the Musical


The Gingy rental includes two forms of the 24”X20” puppet - one with separated legs for the torture scene (torture table not included); the second with legs re-attached for the later scenes (can be mounted on the included baking sheet, or puppeteered on it’s own). With articulated eyebrows and mouth, and realistic

design and finish, Gingy comes fully to life in every performance.

"Gingy worked out fantastic - so many people were

asking 'How'd you do that?' and that just tickled me!"

~Brian Bohrer, Director

Gingy from Shrek the Musical
Gingy from Shrek the Musical


Pinocchio's nose is a cable-driven, retractable piece worn as a mask under Pinocchio's wig and hat. Obscuring very little of the actor's face, the piece allows a full acting-range. The mechanism is operated
by the actor using discreet cable-control.

"The show went great, and Pinocchio's Nose was a big success!"

~ Bill Corzo, Oscar-winning makeup artist (production at ACT1, California)

Video thumbnail courtesy of Vandalia Youth Theatre



As Act 2 of Shrek begins Fiona sings Morning
Person to a joyful bird in its nest. As Fiona's

voice rises, the bird mimics her singing and

expands, finally "popping" in front of her eyes.
created that effect with repeatable ease

and control, delighting the audience even as

they blush at having laughed at a bird explode. 


Shrek, the Musical, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and others


These naturalistic donkey ears are articulated by the actor, each swiveling 120 degrees to give life to the character. Versatile as well, the headpiece can be used for multiple shows including Shrek, the Musical, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, My Son Pinocchio, etc. 

Bottom from Midsummer Night's Dream

Courtesy of Smiling Rhino Theatre

Courtesy of Great Valley Drama Guild